FISH ON LINE is an acoustic ecology project by Darren Copeland and Andreas Kahre, based on audio material gathered during the creation of FISH ON AIR, a sited radio installation presented in 2008 for a commission by THE ELEMENTS — A Festival of Nature in Performance, hosted by Lulu Performing Arts on Gabriola Island.


FISH ON AIR was an installation and acousmatic composition based on underwater recordings taken along the Beaches and Bays of Gabriola Island. In its original form, the work was transmitted to cars waiting in the ferry lineup between sailings, using a home-made 2 Watt FM transmitter located near the Gabriola Ferry Dock, with an effective range of about 3 kilometers.


FISH ON LINE uses QR-code to connect to a new on-line version that is re-edited, remixed and presented as part of the GABRIOLA ART MAP, a project by the Gabriola Institute of Contemporary Art using QR signs to mark sites of publically accessible art.



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