Taylor Bay

On the East side of the bay, fish sound, gull and eagle calls dominate, interrupted frequently by the characteristic sound of the Beaver float planes.

Silva Bay

The busy marina is full of engine and machinery sounds—bilge pumps, float plane sounds, but also a lively orchestra fo small territorial fish.

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Descanso Bay

Dominated once an hour by the engine and propeller sounds of the MV Quinsam, during quiet intervals, the shallow part of the bay is full of the sounds of humans, crabs and small fish.

Degnen Bay

Woodenboat hulls at the government wharf, along with crab, seal, fish and oysters who create a distinctive sound as they vent air bubbles.

El Verano Beach

Strong tidal curents create movement among the pebbles, alternating with the sound of pleasure boats and various species of crab, seals, and small fish.