Darren Copeland and Andreas Kahre have been collaborating as an artist team since the 1990s, creating audio and media installations, radiophonic works, and public art projects that have been presented across Canada and internationally.


With complementing backgrounds in composition, sound design, visual art and scenography, and a shared interest in acoustic ecology, our practice is focused on creating site-responsive installations that encourage critical engagement with the relationships between human and non-human soundscapes, and on research that investigates cognition related to sound.


We are especially interested in underwater soundscapes as compositional material, and in unconventional loudspeaker systems such as hyper-directional speakers, tactile transducers and narrowcast radio transmitters, in order to create interactive systems that can be explored by ear, sight and touch. Our goal is to engage the sonic imagination of audiences of all ages and abilities, and to explore sound as a medium for creative, playful and critical  interaction.


For more of our work, please visit: www.copelandkahre.net